For Gene Haney, who has been working at Petaluma Valley Hospital since 1999, helping others doesn’t just stop after he finishes his shift as a nurse manager.  Gene and his wife Kim have been involved in several projects in Guatamela. There, in a small village called San Antonio, the Haneys have sponsored over a dozen children, providing each and every one with an education which otherwise would have been impossible for these impoverished children to obtain. In fact, the Haneys are traveling to the village this October to witness the graduation of Pedro Perez, who is receiving a teaching degree. Pedro has been sponsored from the begining by Gene and Kim.

The hospital there has received multiple supplies courtesy of Gene, who after begging and cajoling often brings a boatload of medical necessities.  The Haneys are also planning to build a library with the help of nonprofits.  The school has received multiple used computers, which Gene and Kim have managed to obtain from friends and colleagues.

The Haney’s have no children of their own, but feel a need to offer their assistance to children and give these kids a chance at a better life. Gene has also put his niece through college, as his brother was unable to afford her education. She graduated with a degree in forensic science. Scholars tend to at whatever time they hurting for on the cuff opening.

While at the hospital, Gene is cordial, efficient and always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done.  It is truly employees such as Gene who make this hospital a great place both to work at and to receive care from.  If you are interested in helping Gene and Kim with their charitable Guatamela work, contact them at 707-838-8340 or