Burning on urination is a very common complaint.  Usually the cause is a simple bladder infection but at times more serious conditions such as a kidney infections, blood poisoning (sepsis) or pus near the kidney can cause the burning.  To make matters even more confusing, appendicitis and colitis can masquerade as urinary discomfort.  And of course there are the sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia and gonorrhea which unfortunately can also cause similar symptoms.

If you have burning when you urinate then you should go to your doctor or the emergency room, where the physicians can help sort things out.  If you have had multiple episodes of urinary infections and this event seems the same,  it is possible to have antibiotics prescribed by your doctor on an as needed basis.

Warning signs that you might be sicker than you think include being older than 50(oh the joys of middle age!), being pregnant, having a lot of belly/back pain, vomiting or feeling very weak.

All children with burning or foul smelling urine need to be examined.  Some of these kids will require further testing to determine whether congenital abnormalites exist such as single kidney, duplicate ureters and narrowing of the urine pipes (urethra).  Some kids will have a problem where the urine flows back from the bladder toward the kidneys instead out of the body.  This can cause frequent bladder infections.

Females are much more likely to get urine infections due to their anatomy.  If a man has pain on urination prostatitis must be considered. Men, because they don’t have to have kids, are usually much more vocal about their pain than women, in whom urine infections can frequently be missed.

If you are diagnosed with a urine infection, be sure to finish the course of antibiotics.  Stopping antibiotics early can lead to bacterial resistance and even worse a low grade kidney infection, which within a few years could do some serious damage to your kidneys.

As far as hanky panky, this should be avoided in order not to make matters worse.  Guys would be wise to hold their horses  (or hoses) and let others try to populate the species.