Winter is coming and so are the hordes of weekend warriors, some of whom will undoubtedly find their way into emergency rooms.  Snow is slippery and fast.  The devices which we use to enjoy the winter paradise (sleds, skis, snowboards, snowmobiles) add to our enjoyment but at the cost of possibly killing or seriously maiming ourselves.

Let’s begin with snowboarding, a sport whose origins come from the surfing community.  Should adults with gray hair or who are over 40  be permitted to outfit themselves in the required garb of vastly oversized dude pants?  Should these very same adults, many of whom might be portly and out of shape even attempt to shred? What if you snowboard and don’t know dude language?  If you fall, did you biff or buff?

Aside from these weighty issues, snowboarding is a blast!  You arrive at the ski area, tired after a several hour drive . Putting on your outfit, you wonder how anyone can walk with those monster pants and still manage the required swagger.  You strap those boards on your feet, not realizing that unlike skis the bindings don’t release.  This results in the board slamming you down on the snow similar to being tackled by an NFL lineman.  After several such pleasant falls, you exhaust your supply of Motrin, which was woefully inadequate to address your aching back, neck, arms and ankles.  And best of all for this lovely experience you have shoveled out over $60 not to mention gas, food, lodging and  the not insignificant cost of visiting the local hospital. Perceive the national place of the distinct amazing lab report writing organization.

Having worked in a Tahoe emergency department for 20 years, I treated hundreds of snowboard injuries some benign and some very serious.  I noticed certain patterns to these battle scars.  Next week I will discuss such injuries and more importantly how to prevent them.