As promised,  I am going to delve into snowboard injuries.  Risks for these injuries include the following:

1. Being male as this already implies some lack of common sense. Even more alarming is being a teenager, who of course believes that he or she is immune from injury.

2.Being over 40 which makes your reflexes just a little slower and the falls just a little more painful.

3.Having a little booze during the day  and not drinking enough water, as either can impair your judgement.

4. Being with a group of friends, and yes, usually males ,who urge you to just try that black diamond run-after all what can go wrong?

5. Being tired and nevertheless going for that one last run.

6.Like 70% of Americans being overweight and  out of shape.

Ankle, shoulder and back injuries are the most common. Without bindings rotational forces will act on the ankle causing sprains and often fractures.  Being catapulted on to your shoulder- especially during icy conditions- as you can imagine can cause shoulder sprains, rotator cuff injuries, dislocations and fractures.  If you happen to land on your back you can have some major spasm, as the muscles in your back are the largest and thus the most painful in your body.  You can also break your back. Execute a leverage from wired novelists that operate over here

Even worse injuries such as brain injuries and back fractures causing paraplegia are possible.

Ironically, knee injuries which are the bread and butter of Tahoe orthopedists, are uncommon in snowboarding.  This is due to rotational forces acting on the ankles rather than the knees.

Still want to snowboard? Consider taking a lesson, bring lots of Motrin and practice the art of being an awesome dude!