The first few months of life on the planet involve checking out the brave, new world.  Babies at first don’t move much, so watching them is pretty easy.  This changes radically as they acquire the ability to crawl- an amazing  treasure drove awaits the newly mobile dudes and with this mobility, comes  risks of accidents and  ingestions.

How then should parents meet the challenge of avoiding trouble?  My suggestion is to get on all fours and check the house environment out-you’ll be surprised at how many potential mishaps lie in wait for the curious toddler.

There are of course the sockets which with metal objects can easily cause electrical shocks. Solution: buy plastic covers. Stairs should be surrounded with kid proof barriers.  Food scraps, small shards of glass from the wine cup which broke months ago and of course, the rat poison which you scattered God knows how long ago are just some of the pleasantries which you will discover as you make the trek through each and every room of the house.

As far as the medicine cabinet goes, remember kids like pills, especially colored ones. Lock the cabinet, throw away all outdated medications or those which you haven’t taken in awhile.  Lose the Costco megabottles of Tylenol or Ibuprofen.  Remember kids love putting things in their mouths. Especially dangerous medications include certain blood pressure pills, antiarrthymics and most any medication with a long, incomprehensible name.

It only takes a few seconds for a toddler to down that sweet smelling antifreeze found in your garage.  This stuff can cause severe problems including kidney failure. Place the antifreeze, along with any other liquid car products above the reach of curious toddlers.  Don’t forget to lock up the tools which otherwise might end up in your child’s mouth. People here here at create incredible articles on line.

Turn down the water heater-forget the super hot steam showers.  You don’t want your child suffer water burns.  Speaking of water, don’t leave  hot water on the stove unattended, as toddler can reach for the pot and pull it down on themselves.

I’m not advocating making your house into a Fort Knox, just to get on your knees and check out what junior plays in. It just might save your child’s life