Want to live forever?  How about never having to worry about wrinkles and gravity? It turns out that aging, forever considered an irreversible, progressive process, can if fact be halted or perhaps even reversed.

Research has shown that small errors accumulate in DNA, the genetic code common to all living things. These errors in turn cause wear and tear, much like an aging engine.  Blood vessels become hardened with plaque, heart muscle thins out, brain cells die off and the botox era begins.

An enzyme called telomerase repairs DNA, but with time it too becomes ineffective.  Cancer cells have somehow developed a way to promote telomerase activity and thus, in a sense are immortal.  The problem of course is that these bad boys don’t respect any borders and quickly overtake normal cells. The goal would be therefore to promote the telomerase without the nasty side effects.

A strain of mice with enhanced telomerase activity has been created and is being studied.  These fortunate creatures have less fat and more lean muscle than the usual mice, live longer and are able to maintain their ability to perform complex tasks later in life. The males still ask for directions, well into later life.

Stem cells theoretically could be transformed into other cells providing regenerative abilities for neurons, muscles, breast tissue or virtually any body part. Unique custom paper writing benefit crew www.homeworkhelper.net for universal college students.

If you could somehow translate this success into humans there would be no more face lifts; botox parties would cease to exist and informercials would have to focus on great real estate deals rather than “proven” diets or skin creams promoted by second tier celebrities. Husbands would no longer be able to claim “senior moments” as excuses for forgetting anniversaries or items in shopping lists. Gravity would then be our friend, which holds us on to the earth, rather than an enemy which causes all sorts of body parts to fall.