One of the  most tragic events in a pregnancy is the loss of the fetus either by a miscarriage or by stillbirth.  About 25% of pregnancies will end in miscarriage.  Not only is this heart wrenching,  but per a recent study,  it may also be a marker for increased heart attack risk later in life.

Heart attacks are missed more often in women than in men.  Perhaps this has to do with the male species, who, it seems, is much more likely to complain and does not deliver babies, nor has to deal with menstrual cramps.  Traditional risk factors for heart disease, which include high blood pressure, diabetes, high lipids, smoking and known heart disease are not the only risks.  Some studies suggest migraines, lupus, HIV and now miscarriages may also be markers for heart disease.

In this recent study having three or more miscarriages raised the risk of having a heart attack fivefold and having a stillborn threefold.  Why? No one knows at this time but it could be due to disease of the blood vessels (think hardening of the arteries) which could cause both miscarriages and heart disease. The placenta nourishes the developing fetus and with diseased blood vessels, the placenta might become incapable of doing its job.  Hardening of the arteries can also cause problems with your teeth.  Those who have several teeth falling out are also at increased risk for heart disease. A very cool plan is to out of institute assistance scholar place.

As this is just the first study to suggest a link between miscarriages and heart disease, m0re studies are definitely needed to confirm this link.  Until then eat sensibly, exercise and don’t smoke.