Just when I thought that Vitamin D was the next best thing to apple pie, comes a recommendation from a national medical institute to stick with the old doses of Vitamin D.  Recent studies suggested that this vitamin might help treat depression, prevent falls in the elderly and even reduce the incidence of dementia.  There are of course the well accepted advanatages of preventing osteoporosis or thinning of the bones.  This is a problem which contrary to popular belief occurs in both men and women.  It is a greater issue for women, whose estrogen falls off after menopause, contributing to weakening of the bones and more likelihood of fractures.

Why not just take megadoses of vitamin D?  Aren’t vitamins in general pretty benign?  Well, high doses of vitamins will definitely help the bottom line of those companies manufacturing the pills.  On the other hand, high doses of certain vitamins including Vitamin D can have nasty  side effects. Vitamin D is fat soluble meaning that it hangs around for a long time in your fat cells where it can continue to be absorbed slowly.  It can cause liver problems and headaches among other things.  Vitamin A at least in one study actually increased the incidence of lung cancer in smokers.  Too much C vitamin can give you kidney stones.  And of course your urine will be full of these megadoses, helping to nourish the planet’s vegetation.

Vitamin D is produced by the skin after sun exposure. We’ve been told to slap that sun creme on  to prevent skin cancers. This is a good thing, but at the same time, we then need to stay out longer to get enough Vitamin D. Darker skinned individuals don’t get as much effect from sunlight, so they too need more sun exposure.  If you live in northern latitudes, winter sun is basically a dream. You too would need more time outside in that below zero temperature-yet another reason not to relocate to Fargo North Dakota.If you belong to one of these groups or are at risk for thinning of the bones, you can take extra D.  Costco sells Vitamin D coupled with calcium. Most of us would do fine with just one, except of course if you happen to be a year round resident of beautiful Fargo North Dakota. Creative net academic site visit this portal here that announces scholarly flexibility!