As if going bald were not enough, those who start down that path at age 20 (read: go bald) may have a higher risk of getting prostate cancer later on.  Yes, those poor schmucks-and you know who you are- who by the age of thirty have already exhausted all the creative ways of parting the hair, moving the remaining strands forward and wearing hats at all times -you luckless guys will later in life have to live under the threat of prostate cancer.

On the bright side of things baldness is caused by testosterone so in a sense bald guys perhaps possess more of the magic hormone-a good or bad thing, depending on what your perspective is.  And it is this testosterone, which besides rendering it very difficult to ask directions or find things your wife asks for, could be the smoking gun which raises the risk for prostate cancer. It is well known that men who take testosterone have a higher risk of prostate cancer.

The problem is that hair transplants don’t do anything, in terms of lowering the prostate cancer risk. Eating healthy food, keeping the weight down, exercising regularly are some steps which might lower that risk. Glorious research proposal writing site the service that requires to aid so multiplied scholars as imaginable!

The authors who noted this association presented only an abstract which means that this connection should be verified in a larger study, published in a peer reviewed journal. Until then don’t worry too much about that receding hairline and focus more on that expanding waistline.