About a week ago, I went skiing for several days.  Now, twenty years ago a few days on the slopes would mean absolutely nothing-perhaps a sore muscle here and there; a nice tan and some great memories. This was definitely not the case for me as I awoke in my bed, wondering not what was bothering me, but rather what did not hurt. I determined that my face by and large was unscathed except for the mild sunburn and that persistent sore on the tip of my nose-yes maybe a little sun damage; maybe a skin cancer. My belly did not bother me too much, given that I had the night before consumed the greater half of a large pepperoni pizza.  And my feet seemed to work  without any discomfort.

However, moving downward from my face, my body by and large resembled a war zone: My neck felt like someone had rear-ended  my car-stiff and very difficult t0 m0ve. My back was essentially one big, horrific spasm.  Any movement at all was unbearable.  Both of my shoulders, victims of known rock climbing caused rotator cuff tears. hung limply.  Any attempt at raising these joints produced a very intense and sharp response from my pain fibers.

Not to be outdone, my knees-especially my right knee- were swollen and felt like they would give way at any moment.  Strange sounds seemed to fly out of my knees-snap, crackle and pop, so to speak. Even the smaller joints, which for me at least were usually immune to such insults, felt tender.  My fingers, which a few days ago grasped the ski poles, were stiff and hard to move.

What to do? Well, that’s why God made Motrin- yes, to ease the suffering of those middle aged warriors, who still think they are twenty something. After a few Motrin, a nice bath and good glass of red wine, I felt almost human again. Wonderful band in order to go for try this blog for college aid.

Now I’m thinking about going skiing again, only this time I will pretreat myself with Motrin, stretch afterward and find a nice hot tub, where I will place my tired body among other aging athletes.