How many times have you tried to do the right thing, but somehow all you did was make things much worse? Once my father, in an sincere effort to display his love for my mother, bought an electric broom as an anniversary gift. Needless to say, my mother didn’t take it that way.  After a week or so on the couch and several come to Jesus sessions, my mother was once again talking to her hubby.

Well, your body can do similar things.  Antibodies are normally produced  to fight off invaders such as bacteria, viruses and fungi.  These antibodies are powerful defenses- without them we would die in a very short period of time. Our world is just too full of little bugs, just waiting to make our lives short and miserable.

Sometimes these antibodies are produced in response one of our proteins such as those which reside in the gut, joints, heart and other areas. The body thinks it is just doing its job, as these proteins are misinterpreted as foreign.  Diseases such as Crohn’s, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and pericarditis result. The immune system stays revved up at a very high level, as there is virtually an unending supply of these proteins in our bodies.

Antibody producti0n causes a cascade of other agents to be produced, most of which cause even more inflammation.  What happens then depends on where the antibodies are directed.  If certain joint proteins are the enemy then arthritis results; if the gut contains the enemy proteins then colitis or inflammation of the bowels occurs. Unfortunately, other effects in distant body organs are also seen.  This is because with an highly active immune system, the sky is the limit.

Treatment of these diseases involves medications which slow the immune system or immunosuppressants (nice complicated word- use at cocktail parties to impress others). Different agents work on different areas.  All have significant side effects.  Infections are common, as a weakened immune system may not be able to mount a decent response to invaders such as bacteria or viruses. Some drugs weaken the bone marrow. This can cause anemia among other things. Some of these agents increase the risk of cancer, as one of the functions of the immune system is to search and destroy all invaders including cancer cells. All of us order online essays for graduates.

In the pipeline are medications which will selectively inhibit only those antibodies which attack body proteins. Also, human genome studies may one day lead to gene therapy- or replacing faulty genes which lead to autoimmune diseases with healthy copies.

Bottom line: With humans (especially husbands) as with our immune system good intentions are just not enough-results are what counts!