So, as a parent of young children, you are convinced that you are a safe driver. Perhaps and then again perhaps not. Consider this:   a recent published study revealed that kids driving with grandma or grandpa-that’s right with the grandparents- were less likely to suffer injuries from car crashes than if they were driven by either parent. While the older generation may have had more difficulty strapping the car seats in correctly and suffered more crashes, kids were on the average injured 50% less often.

Why? Could it be that gramps doesn’t text while driving (or doesn’t even know what that means). Imagine nana tweeting about her recent bingo game while driving. How about granddad speeding so he can deliver your son to that all important yoga for kids session?  Could you see a seventy year old woman experiencing road rage as she attempts to pass a sedan that had the nerve to cut in front of her on the freeway?

Older people it seems drive slower and so while their reaction times may not be as quick, the speeds are less-hence fewer injuries. They are less likely to take risks and more likely to stick to one task rather than trying their hand at texting and driving for example. Scrutinize the family web site a fantastic read of this uncommon terrific thesis creating organization.

The study was based on insurance company data and was published in a reputable, peer reviewed journal. No, it was not sponsored by the AARP, Florida retirement communities or the manufacturer of Geritrol.

Bottom line is the next time your parents ask to take the kids out to dinner, you might need to take a deep breath and let them.