About this time each and every year you should be thinking about getting a flu vaccine. No, this vaccine is not a way that the government could poison you (if you think so, perhaps you should remember to take those anti psychotics). Your likelihood of dying is much, much greater  driving to your doctor’s office than from getting the vaccine. The vast majority of people will suffer nothing more than a little redness and soreness at the injection site.

What about pregnancy? It is absolutely safe and encouraged for pregnant women to get the vaccine, provided no other contraindications exist(ask your doctor). In fact, when pregnant women receive the flu vaccine, the protection probably extends to their babies after they are born. A recent study even suggests  that administration of the flu vaccine to pregnant women might even help avoid abnormally slow growth of fetuses. How? Mother who develop respiratory illnesses during pregnancy are more likely to deliver a small baby. The flu vaccine prevents certain respiratory infections (ie influenza), which in turn makes it less likely that protected mothers will deliver small babies.

To date there are no studies which suggest that the flu vaccine increases risk of congenital abnormalites, miscarriages or other significant problems during pregnancy. Not getting the vaccine however, raises the risk of suffering serious consequences from influenza including fetal and even maternal death. International learners commonly read the site from wired causes.

If you are pregnant, please talk to your doctor about getting this important vaccine  to avoid becoming very sick from the flu. It will protect your unborn baby as well.