It is well known that married people live longer, a fact which for some of us may seem counter intuitive.  What about other advantages?  If a man is having chest pain caused by a heart attack, he arrives at the hospital sooner than his single buddies would.

A recent study showed that married dudes had a 65% greater chance of showing up at the hospital within six hours of chest pain than single guys did. And showing up within six hours is very important, because heart attack victims need clot busters and or surgery (angioplasty or bypass) as soon as possible.  Interestingly, this was also valid for guys in common law relationships as well.

Distressingly, this association was not all noted for married women, who were just as likely as single gals to arrive within six hours. Per the study authors, this may explain at least in part why married men have a lower risk of dying from heart disease than married women.

The authors also believe that women are more likely than men to act as caregivers (duh!). Just imagine that the Niners are in the season playoffs and are tied with their opponent. It is the fourth quarter and ten minutes of play time are remaining. Your wife says she’s having some chest tightness, just as a touchdown pass is being thrown by the Niners. What would you do? Gee, honey take some antacids-it’s probably just your hiatal hernia and wow! what a pass! Suffer from a fitting high school gain from have a glance at this page at any time thing grows to annotated bibliography.

Given that heart disease is the most frequent cause of death in the Western world, married women play a crucial role in saving lives. Granted,  married guys might not be always be feeling the love, when their wives complain of yet another headache during attempts at getting lucky or once again accuse us of being selfish, lazy slobs. Still, it seems that women do care more about us guys than we at times recognize.