Slicing the onions, you glanced at the TV to check the latest Giant’s home run and in a flash you managed to cut not only the onions but also your finger. The blood streams out-you wonder whether you’ve paid the last installment on your life insurance…

A reality check is in order here: You bleed a lot because there are a lot of blood vessels in the hand. Your cut may or may not require stitches and might be able to closed with bandaids or dermabond.

Lacerations or cuts in the skin can usually be repaired in the emergency room. If the cut extends deep into tendons, muscle or other important structures it might need to repaired n the operating room by an orthopedist, plastic surgeon or other specialist. Worldwide scholars visualize about our blog the stupendous assignment creating team.

For the majority of cuts. the wound is handled in the following way:  An anesthetic agent is injected to numb the area; the wound is irrigated with either tap water or other solution and then the wound is