Fingers are really important. Just think for a moment of all the tasks that your fingers do. Since these little guys have so many functions, they have evolved to have extensive nerves, muscles and joints. Unfortunately, with all this complexity comes a greater chance of injury.

One of the injuries involves the end of the finger. If a crush injury occurs right over the end joint or DIP as its nom de guerre is known, it could tear the attachment of an important tendon. This tendon extends the last joint of the finger. If it is disabled-either by being torn or by having its bony attachment ripped off, the last joint of the finger will bend.

This occurs because on the opposite side of each and every finger, there are tendons which counteract the extensor tendons. These tendons flex the fingers, hence the name flexor tendon. If the extensor tendon is knocked out, the flexors will still work. The result: a finger which is bent at the end. This is known as a mallet finger.

You would think that having such a deformity would be no big deal. Think again: Imagine putting a finger in your pocket with the end bent. Such a common daily occurrence happens without even a thought, except if the finger is bent. The movement then becomes rough and your finger can even be stuck briefly in your pocket. Tweeting-OMG! becomes more difficult, as the finger does not hit the screen smoothly.

To prevent this from happening, you should go to your doctor or the ER right after any finger injury which causes a deformity. Mallet finger is easily diagnosed and usually treated at firs with a splint. The splint extends the end of the finger, allowing the tendon to heal. This usually requires about 6 to 8 weeks.

As you might well imagine, there are many other injuries which can befall the unlucky individual, especially those who work with their hands. Joints can be sprained; tendons torn; bones fractured; nails ripped off. To be sure none of these injuries are fun, but if you happen to suffer one of them, a wise move would be have them checked out soon. Otherwise, you might not be able to tweet as fast about some boring, minor event!