From time to time you meet someone, who just seems to have been around the planet a few times, an old, wise soul. When you meet this person, you  try to take some of that person’s wisdom with you. Sometime in the future you just might be the one, who in turn passes on that wisdom.

Such was the case with Dr. Eileen Gleber, who recently passed away from cancer. She was truly a Mensch, a caring individualwho loved her profession as a family doctor. She was competent as a physician, but even more importantly she treated her patients, colleagues and I suspect, all those who happened to cross her path with respect and kindness-in other words like family.

I have worked with many physicians, the vast majority have been competent and caring, but very few have impressed me with such a deep rooted interest in humanity as did Eileen. She toiled hours after the office closed, trying to assist those patients in special need. She took call at the hospital and seemed genuinely concerned not just about solving pressing medical issues of her patients, but also with their spiritual and emotional problems.  She never complained about the long hours, rude colleagues or other adverse work conditions.

With her passing the Petaluma medical community has lost a great physician and the town has lost a very kind soul.