No big surprise that perhaps the unhealthiest profession is truck driving. It’s not the exhaust from the truck; nor is it the long hours that really make these guys and gals be unfit. No, it is the fact that the job involves sitting for very long periods and then stopping at truck stops-where guess what? The selection basically involves fast food galore.

Even for the most sedentary desk worker, the opportunity exists to get up and take a few laps around the office. Try doing that while driving a long haul! And have you ever browsed the food choices at truck stops? No problem finding Cheetos, donuts or chicken fried steak. See if you can locate a fresh garden salad or steamed veggies.

The unfortunate result is that truck drivers are too often obese and out of shape. This in turn leads to a higher than average incidence of heart attacks, strokes, diabetes as well as a host of other obesity related issues.

Believe it or not, there is actually a movement afoot to change this depressing picture. Companies which hire these drivers would love to reduce their insurance premiums, as well as keep their drivers out of the hospital and on the road.

Drivers are being taught how to exercise regularly-perhaps just taking a 15 minute walk each shift. They are encourage to see their doctors regularly and quit smoking. Truck stops are just beginning to realize that healthy food is good business. Here and there you might find a few with some healthy choices.

The days of the obese, smoking and out of shape truck driver hopefully are numbered.  Who knows? The next time you fill up at that truck stop, you just might find a driver in tights running or perhaps doing a little yoga. You might also be able to order up  a veggie burger.