Just because you  are pregnant, doesn’t mean that you have to avoid almost everything fun in life. In fact there are many activities in pregnancy which are not only fun but also great for you and your future baby. You should continue to enjoy your life when pregnant, despite some of the less desirable pregnancy associated effects such as mood swings, nausea, weight gain and inconsiderate husbands/boyfriends. In fact, you will for sure love your newborn and love to be with him or her, at least until the teenage years, at which time your child becomes unbearable.

Here is a list of some fun and healthy things for pregnancy.

1. Exercise. Getting outside or working out in the gym not only helps prevent excessive weight gain, it also lightens your mood, helps you sleep better and makes for healthier newborns. If you have certain conditions such as placenta previa or preclampsia you should not exercise. Ask your doctor.

2. Balanced diet. No you don’t need subsist on  organic kale, but Fritos and fries are not a good idea either. Your diet, as when not pregnant, should be balanced and contain many fruits, vegetables and whole grains. You need to eat for two. If you are already overweight, you still should gain weight, just not as much. You will find that with the hormone surge, certain foods will be more appetizing than others. Eat frequent, small meals rather than just 3 larger meals.

3. Prenatal vitamins are important to provide enough vitamins for both your and your baby. Folic acid for example helps prevent diseases such as spinal bifida and should be started ideally even before pregnancy.

4. Sleep is very important as it allows your body to chill, as certain hormones are produced primarily during sleep. It also gives your brain a rest which not only helps regulate the hormones, it also makes your husband/significant other more happy.

5. Having sex helps you relax and except for those with placenta previa or in the month or two before the baby is due is actually ok.  And no, I was not paid by my friend Bob (whose wife just became pregnant) to write this.

6. Plane flights to exotic locations, where no one you know can spot you in your bathing suit are great. You can enjoy the sun and surf.  However, those who have had or are at high risks for blood clots, who have complicated pregnancies or or are the last trimester (after 7 months) should avoid plane flights.

7.  Get the flu  shot. Influenza or flu vaccine has been proven to be safe during pregnancy. Not only is having the flu miserable, it puts you and your baby at risk for significant disease and even death.

You should always check in with your doctor before starting an exercise program, going on a plane or planning a romantic (with privileges) adventure.