Cold sores also known as apthous stomatitis or chanker sores is a very common and unfortunately very unpleasant disorder. These cold sores involve multiple areas of the mouth. And of course they sting and burn. Certain foods such as citrus or spicy foods can ramp up the pain level significantly.

Unlike herpes cold sores are usually not grouped together and aren’t quite as painful. Your doctor can examine you and determine whether you have cold sores, herpes or some other condition. Yes, there are uncommon diseases such as Behcets syndrome which can cause recurrent cold sores as can Lupus.
Cancer patients on chemotherapy or who are receiving radiation can develop stomatitis which is a generalized inflammation of the oral cavity. Patients who already suffer from a partially knocked out immune system, experience severe pain and at times can’t even swallow.
But cold sores aren’t as serious. What to do? Kaopectate, which is usually reserved for diarrhea treatment can be used to treat the cold sores. You simply apply some of the liquid directly on the cold sore. The Kaopectate coats the cold sores and thus reduces the pain and swelling. Certain gels containing steroids or other antiinflammatory substances can be prescribed by your doctor, but to be frank, I would try to the Kaopectate first.

Sometimes, certain foods can trigger cold sores. Such foods include nuts, spicy foods and for some unknown reason pineapple. Stress, dehydration and poor dental hygiene can also bring out these nasty lesions.

The sores will last a few days to a few weeks and when they are finally gone, you will certainly breathe a sigh of relief. Until then, try the Kaopectate and lay off the pineapple.