Testosterone fueled feats just never seem to end. Just when I think that somehow, someway middle aged plus males have finally learned that they are not twenty anymore, along comes another poor schmuck, who illustrates that common sense in some guys is just not common.

JR (name withheld to prevent further embarrassment) was playing what at first glance appeared to be an innocent game of touch football. His comrades were 8 year old children, who were friends of his daughter. Now at 6 feet 6, JR is to be sure an imposing figure. And yes, decades earlier JR had indeed played high school and perhaps even college sports. But at fifty, he had gained some weight, stopped exercising except for the occasional walk, so in other words he was your typical 50 year old American male.

The 8 year old quarterback huddled with JR and a offensive play was born. For some unknown reason JR decided to go long. Yes, he hadn’t run in over 20 years and yes his eyesight wasn’t what it used to be, but what the heck? He sprinted and as the football was arcing toward him, he looked upward and found himself shortly thereafter on the ground, in severe pain. Not only did JR not catch the ball, he also managed to trip and fall directly on his chest. Lucky for JR, he was not paralyzed, had no rib fractures and didn’t tear up his spleen. He did however manage to severely bruise both his chest and of course his ego as well.

As he lies in his bed at home, off work due to his injuries, JR, I am quite sure, must be wondering, what in God’s name was I thinking? And I too ask that same question not only of JR, but also of my many middle aged male friends and lastly but certainly not least of myself.

Guys the bottom line is if you have some reservation or even a bit of inkling that what physical feat you’re about to undertake might not be the wisest of choices, take a deep breath and reflect on what the consequences could be.