Texting or talking on the cellphone while driving has been shown without a doubt to be a major risk for car accidents and some awful injuries. Still, what about doing the same while walking? A bigger question might be, why in God’s name do you have to stay connected every minute of every day? (and here I am ranting to my teenagers). What about actually meeting with a real and not a virtual friend? Does everyone and his brother need to know that you just passed a Starbucks on your way to work?

Getting back to topic, it turns out that yes, texting/tweeting/calling while walking is not such a great idea. A recent study from a sample of emergency rooms across the country revealed an almost 300% increase of patients injured while using cellphones and walking. Yes, some of these injuries were minor; others, like the infamous one recorded on Youtube (texting and falling into a fountain) were simply embarrassing; yet some such as fractures and internal injuries were definitely serious.

Walking, even on a country road is an activity which requires your utmost attention. Before cellphones, the mantra was look both ways before crossing and still there were those, who engaged in some deep conversation, would fail to do so and bad things happened. Nowadays, with the cellphones glued on to many pedestrians heads, the situation is much, much worse. Not only does no one notice that beautiful new dress you just bought, but also you yourself fail to see that turning car.  Not a good idea!

Consider a brief internet free period while driving and while walking. You will then have the opportunity to check out what others are wearing and maybe others might just admire your new dress as well.