Kids and babies get sore throats, toothaches and cold sores. H0w can we help our little friends get over these things? Well, unfortunately much of the time antibiotics don’t work, because many of these infections are caused by viruses. Antibiotics don’t work at all against viruses. Yet, being human, we will think that after that hefty dose of Amoxicillin are kid got better and therefore the medication “cured” the infection.

This is wrong because your little one would have gotten better without the antibiotics just as quickly and with less side effects on your wallet on his or her body. Pharyngitis is mostly caused by viruses; so too are cold sores. Sometimes sore throats can be due to strep throat, which can be treated by antibiotics since this is a bacterial infection.

Bacterial infections usually contribute to toothaches so these too can be treated with antibiotics. However, ultimately your child will need to see a dentist as there are often mechanical problems (read cavities) which must be taken care of.

One drug, which has been used quite often in the past is viscous Xylocaine. This is also sold as Benzocaine over the counter. In young children and infants this drug should be avoided all together. It can cause seizures and even deaths in young age groups.

What then can be done? Toothrings put in the refrigerator can be massaged on  the gums. Even your fingers can also be used to gently massage the gums. Ibuprofen will help reduce the inflammation and pain.

Hopefully, your kids will feel better and you will get a little more sleep.