Heart attacks are deadly. About 25% of heart attack victims will die immediately and the rest have an increased risk of having another heart attack.

There are blood tests which measure heart enzymes. These will be elevated when a heart attack occurs. Problem is how to determine just who is at increased risks for such heart attacks.

Yes classic risks such as high blood pressure, elevated lipids, diabetes, prior heart attack and family history do help stratify patients.

A recent study suggests that another lab test, easily obtained,may also predict heart attacks and sudden death.. This test is called creatinine and essentially measures the waste products of the kidneys.  A high level means that the kidneys are not working normally

What does a problem with the kidneys have to do with heart disease? It might be that if the kidneys don’t work well then neither does the heart  In fact arteriosclerosis or narrowing of the arteries will cause nnot just heart attacks but also kidney disease

Another marker is albumin which if elevated also points toward increased risk  Albumin is also cleared by the kidney so it probably works for the same reasons as creatinine

Just how well do these markers work? Well if the authors of w recent study are to believed then better than any existing blood tests  And if you combine these new heart tests with the heart enzymes risks will be even better outlined.

Before we all jump on this bandwagon and beg our primary care providers or cardiologists to test us, we should hold our horses  Other studies need to be completed which will provide better evidence that these new tests actually work  For now, keep eating healthy, exercise regularly and relax!