Major league baseball needs to ban chewing tobacco use by all players. Presently, chewing tobacco is banned only at certain stadiums.Minor league baseball already has bans in place.

Why should this happen? After all,players are adults and should be able to chew tobacco if they want, right?

Well,millions and millions of Americans watch and idolize these players and over a million of these fans currently chew tobacco. Major league baseball has already banned smoking cigarettes during games, so why not chewing tobacco?

Chewing tobacco and then spitting it out is certainly not the most attractive aspect of the game. And chewing tobacco is responsible for many premature deaths from cancer as well as major disfiguring diseases.

To be more specific, cancers of the mouth, throat,esophagus and pancreas are associated with chewing tobacco. Surgeries are often required to treat these cancers and these surgeries often result in loss of a lot of your face and mouth. Many of these cancers have horrible prognoses.

Then of course there is the loss of teeth. Want dentures by the time your 40? Dental decay increases the risk of infection and may even increase the risk of heart attacks.

So the bottom line should be that these young super athletes should be role models not only for keeping in shape but also for healthy habits. To continue chewing tobacco while being watched by millions is irresponsible.