MRSA is a infection, unfortunately more and more common, which is resistant to most antibiotics. It is caused by a particular strain of the staphylocccocal bacteria. In years past, this bug could be treated with most antibiotics

Fast forward to today, where there are very few antibiotics left which can treat severe MRSA infections. In fact, there is one case of MRSA which is even resistant to the antibiotic of last resort: Colistin.

Why has this happened? Too many antibiotics prescribed for viral conditions such as a cold,bronchitis or most ear infections. Antibiotics used on cattle, chicken and pigs to ward off infections. Leaching of antibiotics thrown down the toilet or at times even in the trash. Groundwater thus becomes contaminated.

A new compound with the rather boring name of TXA709 has been found to effectively fight MRSA. Not only that but combined with an older antibiotic called Cefdinivir, it works so well that the dose of TXA709 can be reduced. Finally, so far very few side effects.

Reducing the dose means that lower doses of each antibiotic could be used and thus less risk of serious side effects.

Before you ask your doctor for this antibiotic you’ll need to take a deep breath. The study is in its early stages. Many more studies need to be completed and patients observed for longer times to make sure that this novel compound is safe and effective.