One of the burning questions of modern medicine has always been whether, in the case of a brawl, an empty or full beer bottle inflicts more damage and of course which is more likely to fracture the skull. And to answer this perplexing dilemma, a team (believe it or not more than one) of researchers at the University of Bern took it upon themselves to find out.

After much thought and paid research time, these brilliant scientists decided to drop empty and full beer bottles from a “drop” tower. Using very sophisticated formulas, they then determined the breaking energy of each class of bottle: full vs empty.

What they found out is mind bending: The full beer bottle delivered 70% more energy than its empty brother. Yet either the empty or the full bottle had enough force to break an human skull.

This translates into real world medical progress: Future victims of bottle brawl wars will now have medical providers, who are very much aware of the increased potential of a full vs empty bottle of beer. If this information were to fall into the wrong hands, it could of course lead to drunken perpetrators holding off on that last bottle of beer,in order to inflict maximal damage on their opponents. Very sobering.