A recent Japanese study asked the difficult, previously unknown question of whether consumption of alcohol causes sexual disinhibition (ie lead to sex). Yes, I realize this is a very tough subject, one in which there is not much to go on.

So these intrepid researchers recruited 258 Japanese college students (109 men and 149 women) mean age 19 years to complete a self administered questionaire. The startling results were that yes indeed restraints about having sex were lessened after drinking. Peer pressure or when others encourage sexual forays and forgetting about delayed gratification were big factors. It appears that of the two peer pressure had more of an influence than delayed gratification.

The authors used a tool called multiple mediator model, which helped them come to this startling, unexpected conclusion.

Wow, these results really change the entire field of research of alcohol and behavioral changes! I mean who in their wildest dreams would have thought that drinking can lead to sex?

Believe it or not this was actually published in a peer reviewed journal or a publication, in which other researchers review its content to make sure that the results are valid and that of course lead to further knowledge. The brilliant authors of this article conclude their paper by stressing the importance of understanding the association of alcohol with sexually permissive behavior and the need in Japan to develop programs to reduce drinking in young people. And you thought medical research was useless?!!