Control of blood sugar 24-7 is the holy grail of diabetes treatment. Good control prevents immediate complications of high or low blood sugar and reduced long term problems of kidney, eye, heart and nerve damage. In other words better control means a longer healthier life.

Insulin is one way to reduce blood sugar. Insulin pumps are often used as they provide an ongoing source of insulin similar to what the body does. Insulin given at once through shots does not work as well and may lead to low or high blood sugar more often. The problem with even insulin pumps is that they are set to deliver a steady amount of insulin, regardless of what the blood sugar is.

Along comes a new device which not only delivers a constant small dose of insulin, but also bases the amount given on the blood sugar tested by the device. In other words, the device tests the blood sugar and then adjusts the insulin based on the level of sugar. Because the device is inserted just under the skin, the level of sugar tested there is delayed by 30 minutes from the blood so the device needs to take that into account.

The device has a small built in computer with sophisticated algorithms to achieve all of this. It truly is a breakthrough and will without a doubt make a big difference in diabetic care.Unfortunately, this device which is manufactured by Medtronics, is only licensed for Type ! diabetics under the age of 14. Given time and more studies, it will be able to be given to many more diabetics.