If you are male and have had some alcohol you are more likely to punch a wall. Why? Well for one thing males have testosterone, which does enable males to propagate the species but at the cost of otherwise doing stupid things.

In my career spanning many years I have only seen one or two females who have punched a wall. On the other hand I can’t tell you how many inebriated males I have treated with hand fractures after becoming angry and then with great wisdom taking that anger out on the poor wall.

What often happens is that the 4th or 5th metacarpal (bones just below the ring and little finger) break. While this often heals on its own after casting, at times this injury requires surgery with insertion of a pin to adequately reduce the fracture.

There are of course countless other typical male behaviors which lead to trouble. For example, rattlesnake bites are much more common in drunken males with tattoos (as far as the tattoos go, I truly don’t know why this is the case). Males are more likely to be injured racing cars on the street (surprise!) And of course males are more likely to die from accidental gun injuries.

If you like me are male, try to remember that having testosterone means less common sense, less self control and more likelihood of doing something incredibly stupid. Add alcohol and you might be in real trouble.