Do you have to be an exercise fanatic to be healthy? Well a recent published peer reviewed study (which in other words means that its findings can be taken seriously) revealed that no you don’t

Exercising as little as two days a week reduced the risk of dying, getting cancer or developing diabetes almost as much as exercising every day. This was defined as moderate exercise or in other words where you were mildly out of breath.

Sure, you could make the case that you might not be able to run that 50 yard dash as fast as that jock who maxed out daily on aerobics, but that’s probably not the goal for most of us.

What it does mean is that even two days a week of exercise is good for you and will in all likelihood decrease your chances of developing cancer heart attack or death.

So turn off the TV, bring whatever electronic device if you must and start exercising. Walking at a brisk pace for even 30 minutes will do just fine.