You’ve completed your cancer treatment and are ready to get back to normal activities. Here are few suggestions to keep yourself healthy.

First of all make sure that you keep regular appointment with your primary care provider and if advised your oncologist as well. This is because even though the cancer may be “cured” there is usually still a possibility that it may recur.

Yes going to your doctor for a regular check up will help you catch a possible remission. Your doctor can also help you stay healthy by encouraging proper nutrition and if needed medications.

Support is crucial after cancer. You should consider support including spiritual help, counseling, physical therapy, nutritionists pain clinics as well as support groups from survivors like yourself.

You should consider regular exercise as this helps make you feel better and depression is associated with increased risk for cancer. Try to cut down alcohol is alcohol also is associated with cancer risk eat healthy foods especially vegetables and fruits. And of course don’t smoke.

Some cancer centers have survivorship programs dedicated to helping patients who have survived cancer. These programs make a lot of sense to me as treatment of cancer does not simply end after you are in remission.