A Bizarre Medical Study

Every so often I come across a study which is for lack of better words bizarre. One such study was done in 1995, which to be fair is quite some time ago, but it's findings are still fascinating and if nothing else make for great conversation. The study has been [...]

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Less Invasive Surgery For Obesity

Diet and exercise are always the best recipe for weight loss. Sometimes- morbidly obese patients may not be able to lose enough weight. Surgeries such as gastric banding and gastric bypass can then be done and are effective. Still like everything else in life there is no free lunch in [...]

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Star Trek Medicine: Pharmacy On Demand

Imagine that a system the size of a refrigerator that could manufacture medications. This system could be placed in doctors' offices and at hospitals. Were a shortage of a certain medication to occur (which by the way happens more often than you think) then these devices could supply enough until [...]

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Alzheimers: Too Many Medications?

It certainly does seem to be true, that the older we are the more medications we take. Yes, medications are sometimes necessary to treat our diseases. However, more is not necessarily better. And we should be careful about telling each and every doctor that we see about all the medications [...]

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Concussion in Young Athletes

Concussions are unfortunately all too common in high school sports, especially football. Without a doubt a concussion is not just a minor bump on the head with no consequences down the road. In fact the NFL is now struggling with how to prevent CTE or chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a devastating [...]

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Stop Chewing Tobacco In Major League Baseball

Major league baseball needs to ban chewing tobacco use by all players. Presently, chewing tobacco is banned only at certain stadiums.Minor league baseball already has bans in place. Why should this happen? After all,players are adults and should be able to chew tobacco if they want, right? Well,millions and millions [...]

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What To Do With Skin Cuts?

Do you need sutures for every cut? Of course not! Some gashes especially those under 2 cm or a little less than an inch usually don't need anything except some soap water and a bandage. Of course if you see some funny things underneath which could be anything from a [...]

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What In God’s Name Is A Subungual Hematoma?

Our hands have evolved as powerful tools to explore the world. Along with these amazing body parts are included many, many nerves. In fact other than the tongue, our fingertips have the greatest concentration of nerves anywhere in the body! More nerves unfortunately means more pain when structures nearby are [...]

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A Brief Primer On Blood Thinners

Blood thinners play a very important role in treating conditions in which blood clots cause strokes, heart attacks and breathing problems. They work in different ways. Some will prevent the body from making blood clots. Others will help break the clots down when they are formed. Still others will prevent [...]

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Profits and Chemotherapy

Should cancer doctors be paid more when more expensive cancer drugs are given? Absolutely not! Yet the government has been doling out money this way for years. Medicare Part B pays for drugs. When cancer doctors or oncologists administer chemotherapy in their office, they are currently paid about 6% of [...]

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