Whole Body Cryotherapy: Quackery?

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Cryotherapy or the use of extreme cold temperatures claims to cure quite a few problems. Granted, there are a few studies here and there which point toward possible improvements in chronic headaches, muscles soreness after working out, rheumatoid arthritis [...]

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When Belly Pain Is Serious

Many times abdominal pain is nothing to worry about. What about those times when belly pain can be concerning, even life threatening? Not every one with a heart attack will have chest pain. If the area of the heart attack is near the bottom of the heart, a patient might [...]

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Childhood Stress Is A Risk For Adult Diseases

Childhood stress it turns out is a big deal. In fact children who have suffered ongoing emotional stress and anxiety have an increased chance of developing damaging health effects well into adulthood. A British study followed over 6000 children born in 1958 for a remarkable period over 40 years. During [...]

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When You Should Be Concerned About A Hoarse Voice

Just about everyone has sometime or another experienced the joys of a hoarse throat. You wake and when that first call comes in you realize that you sound like a frog or even worse like your friend's grandfather. Most of the time the hoarse voice is due to infection. Laryngitis [...]

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Can Premature Birth Be Prevented?

When babies are born early it is considered a premature birth. Premature babies have a greater risk of developing problems involving the brain. These issues include seizures, developmental delay and hydrocephalus or water in the brain. The standard theory has been that all of these diseases are related to a [...]

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Wonder Drug For Alzheimers

Dementia is a horrible disease. The body may work ok, but the brain is slowly destroyed. What is left is a life without awareness of being alive. Alzheimers is perhaps the most common and well known but certainly not the only type of dementia. Drugs used to treat dementia are [...]

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p53 Gene: A Cancer Cure?

Why do some people who do everything right get cancer and others who smoke, live in polluted areas, eat junk food and expose themselves to just about every known carcinogen never suffer from cancer? It turns out that cancer is not just caused by environment but also by genetics. Recent [...]

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Can Humans Smell Parkinsons disease?

It is well known that dogs have a sense of smell than humans. For this reason dogs have been used in medicine to "smell" cancer, congestive heart failure and a host of other ailments. Check out my previous blog about this fascinating subject. Yet until now,to my knowledge no one [...]

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What Can Cause Leg Swelling?

Many people suffer from conditions which can cause swelling of the legs. You will notice the leg swelling because your shoes won't fit. Your pants might be tighter down lower than usual. Many conditions cause swelling of the legs. Some are serious others are not as serious If your heart [...]

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Change In Your Vision?

All too often we take simple things for granted. One example is our vision. It is truly amazing that we are able to open our eyes and an amazing world of sights awaits us. Sometimes the system doesn't work so well and certain problems can result. If the back surface [...]

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