Blue Eyed Alcoholics?

Blue eyes may be attractive, but this color is linked to an increased risk for alcoholism. Before you ask, how in God's name are the two linked, let's talk about the association. Two studies, one recently and another published in 2000, revealed that those individuals with lighter colored eyes, defined [...]

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Quit Smoking Now

Just how long on the average does it take for former smokers to have similar risks of dying as nonsmokers? Well, for most smokers after 15 years of nonsmoking their risks of dying or having a heart attack, stroke or certain kinds of cancer approach those of nonsmokers. However for [...]

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Heart Attacks Without Chest Pain

All heart attacks present with chest pain, right? No, this is another one of those myths which circulate and can cause major problems. Some patients will think-heck I don't have any chest pain so no worries. And sometimes, if they don't, a heart attack can be missed. About 25% of heart [...]

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What About Urgent Care?

If you sprain your ankle do you really need to be seen in the emergency room? Not only will you pay  with high out of pocket costs, you also will very likely have to wait for hours to be seen and treated. Urgent care centers, which are almost everywhere, are  [...]

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Dirty Business by US Chamber of Commerce

According to a recent NY Times article, the US chamber of commerce is actively involved in fending off foreign laws which might hurt tobacco companies.It seems that our business organization is especially busy in third world countries, where smoking generates quite a bit of money for tobacco companies. Sure most [...]

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Why Kids Should Be Vaccinated

Vaccinations prevent diseases. Vaccinations are very safe. In fact, your child is much more likely to die driving to school than from a vaccine. Yes, I know about the studies which claim an association between childhood vaccination and autism. These studies have been discredited by every reputable medical organization. Vaccines [...]

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A New Test For Heart attacks?

Heart attacks are deadly. About 25% of heart attack victims will die immediately and the rest have an increased risk of having another heart attack. There are blood tests which measure heart enzymes. These will be elevated when a heart attack occurs. Problem is how to determine just who is [...]

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Do You Really Need That Antibiotic?

What about antibiotics? It used to be that they were thought of as the next best thing to apple pie. Take a few and those nasty colds got better-or did they? It turns out that those colds are caused by viruses. And guess what? Antibiotics don't work against viruses. You [...]

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A Primer on Stitches and Wound Glue

If you cut yourself when do you need stitches? When will skin glue work? Of course not all wounds need to be closed. If the skin is torn off, there probably won't be anything to grab on to to suture it together. Unless the wound is large, you can wash [...]

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Exercise and Passing Out

What should you do if your child passes out while exercising? While most of the time it is nothing serious, there are some pretty dangerous conditions which might be present. Many things can cause kids to pass out. For example, not drinking enough and exercising too hard, having a low [...]

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