What To Do About Tennis Elbow

For the past few months I've been struggling with tennis elbow. You might think this is odd because I don't even play tennis anymore. However, I do mountain bike and lift weights. These type of activities are just some of the many physical stressors that can lead to tennis elbow. [...]

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Be Aware Of Your Medications

Prescription drugs have to be sure saved many lives.  Yet sometimes too much of a good thing is not so good. A good example of this happened recently to a friend's father. He is an elderly gentleman who already was on quite a few meds for heart disease, high blood [...]

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Occipital Neuralgia

First of all, sorry about not having a blog for last week. It might have been a senior moment, but to be truthful I was in the midst of moving into a new home with my wife. This week I'd like to talk about a particular type of headache called [...]

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Low Testosterone: A Marketing Ploy

As a middle aged guy, there are times when I feel tired. Sure I wish that I could have my six pack abdomen back, not have to wear reading glasses and be able to throw a ball more than 10 feet. Could it be not just from getting old but [...]

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Valley Fever: Payback For Desert Fun

Hanging out in the desert is great, especially if you're from somewhere with winter snow and sleet. Instead of taking 10 minutes just to get dressed to go to the store, you can walk outside in shorts and short sleeved shirt. Great! There's  got to be a payback, since nothing [...]

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Does Marijuana Work Against Pediatric Seizures?

A new study gives some hope that medical marijuana might help with childhood seizures. 200 children suffering from seizures were given an extract from marijuana. Specifically the extract contained no THC or the stuff that makes you feel high. Instead, it was formulated into marijuana oil containing CBD or cannabidiol. [...]

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Diet Soda: Not Really Diet At All?

You would think that diet soda would be a better choice for weight control than its sweetened cousin regular soda, but according to a recent study, this might not be the case. For 10 years data was collected about several hundred (749) Mexican Americans over 65 and European Americans over [...]

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Wealth And A Good Night’s Sleep

Lack of sleep or insomnia is truly a serious problem. In fact, insomnia has been linked to multiple diseases including cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression and obesity.Let's not forget that driving while tired causes about 80,000 traffic accidents a year, a thousand of which are fatal.  To make matters [...]

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OMG: Goodbye Y Chromosome

Pity the poor Y chromosome. Sure, it makes us males male and plays a huge role in the genes which control testosterone production. Yet of the 46 human genes it is by far the smallest. Not only that, but according to a recent Scientific American article, it has become even [...]

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Football Head Injuries

Getting hit in the head repeatedly as in boxing for example seems not too healthy. Football injuries as well can cause long term problems. Just look at some of the ex NFL players who have suffered early onset dementia and other forms of traumatic brain injury. What about football players [...]

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