Rib Injury

If you ever break a rib or two, you will definitely feel some major pain. The pain will be worse when you take a deep breath and you may notice some shortness of breath as well. The break will not completely heal for at least a month or two so [...]

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Ebola: A Minor Risk to Our Health

Ebola virus has been making the rounds quite a bit. It seems that you can't listen to the news without some piece about this infection. To be sure Ebola virus causes a very serious infection. Most people who contract this virus will die and there is known cure. Finally, the [...]

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Be Your Own Advocate

Some but not all the times proverbs ring true. Consider "The squeaky wheel gets the grease". When for whatever reason, you, family member or friend happen to be in the emergency department, becoming your own or significant others advocate might be the way to go. Doctors and nurses are not [...]

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Ear Pain: What To Do

Most of us at some time or another experience ear pain. If the pain turns out to be an ear infection, then what to do? Well, assuming you  are older than 2 (at times in my case my wife might dispute this), then you should first decide whether a doctor [...]

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Bacteriophages: Replacement for Antibiotics?

Antibiotics have been used successfully to treat many bacterial infections such as pneumonia, strep throat and urine infections. They are without a doubt important in treating patients. However, antibiotics are not a cure all and are way over prescribed, often to treat viral infections. Along come some pretty smart researchers [...]

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We All Need To Chill Out

We live in a world where we are constantly being bombarded with stimuli. We surf the net while watching TV. We walk with our eyes glued to a small smart device. We drive and talk or text. At the health club multiple TV screens flash images as music is played [...]

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Nutritional Supplements: Not Worth It

Nutritional supplements such as Ensure have been successfully used to treat patients who are underweight and suffer from nutritional deficiencies. Elderly patients with chronic diseases are often placed on these supplements. It seems that the manufacturers of these products realized that their market was too small. They recently have heavily [...]

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No Miracle Cure For Chronic Back Pain

When long ago our ancestors made the leap from crawling around the ground to standing and walking, who would have thought that back pain would for many of us be the result? Back pain is one of the most common and difficult problems to treat. Most of us at some [...]

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Texting and Driving Don’t Mix

When you drive a car, you propel a very heavy piece of metal at times at very high speeds.  This is arguably the most dangerous activity which you do in your life-not only dangerous for you but also for others . In years past the dangers of drinking and driving [...]

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Reality Check for Baby Boomers

Aging baby boomers like myself now realize that the endless parties, killer workouts and disease free times are coming to an end. Ages ago we could work all day, party all night and be ready for a repeat the next day. Now the idea of staying out past 10 pm [...]

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