The Wonderful Q tip

Q tips are a great invention. With the long wooden handle you can reach quite deeply into a wound,. With the soft cotton end you can soak up some of the yucky stuff within the wound. A little hydrogen peroxide on the tip will clean out the dirty cuts. As [...]

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Heart Attacks: Unusual Risk Factors

You want to reduce your risk of a heart attack. To begin with you stop smoking, lay off the double bacon cheeseburgers, and avoid the chocolate chip cookies. You start walking more than the usual daily amount from your car to the McDonalds entrance. You treat your high blood pressure [...]

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What Causes Rapid Heart Beats?

Now and then most of us will experience an extra beat or flutter. After gulping that super size caffeine laden soda or perhaps an energy drink, it would not be uncommon to feel a little rapid heart rate or some skipped beats. Sure, that Starbucks cappuccino can do the same [...]

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Dance Courses for Parkinsons Patients

For some of us (myself included) dancing is very difficult. In my case it is simply because I don't have any sense of rhythm. Patients who suffer from Parkinsons have difficulty dancing because the disease causes generalized stiffness and shaking. Balance is also a problem for Parkinsons sufferers. Yet it [...]

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Treatment of Excess Stomach Acid: Forget the Pepperoni Pizza

Most of us have at one time or another suffered the dreaded stomach burning-perhaps after consuming one too many pepperoni pizza slices or maybe that extra spicy Thai dish. Sometimes the condition becomes chronic. Antacid preparations come in different forms and do work reasonably well. However, it turns out that [...]

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Why Taking Supplements Can Be Dangerous

Sure everyone wants to be thin. Guys especially want to be buff. Who wants to spend the effort by exercising, dieting and lifting weights? Why not just pop a few supplements, which promise risk/hassle free weight loss and or muscle gain? It turns out that an alarming 50% of Americans [...]

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Women Multitask Better

Certain truths are indeed eternal: We all die. We cannot survive without food or water. Men don't ask for directions. Yet when it comes to the last one, some might question why? A recent study from England wanted to know whether it was in fact the case that men don't [...]

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Should pregnant women avoid nuts?

For years the mantra was to avoid nuts in pregnancy, because eating nuts might increase the risk for nut allergies in offspring. And nut allergies are no joke: They can be deadly-for some even the smell of nuts can trigger infections. Also, it is estimated that the lifetime cost of [...]

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Causes and Treatment of the Cursed Runny Nose

The cursed drippy nose occurs unfortunately not only with colds, but also as a result of a host of other problems. The unlucky sufferer constantly wipes and wipes, but all too often misses a bit here and there. Wet spots on that newly pressed dress shirt certainly won't impress your [...]

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The Differences Between Young and Old Bones

Children are not just simply smaller adults. Their major organs such as heart, lungs, liver and kidneys are developing and so the function of these organs differs from adult organs. Kids' bones are also growing. What this means is that they are not as brittle as our bones. If a [...]

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