An Epidemic of Bulging Bellys

Not all fat is created equally. Yes, about 70% of Americans are either overweight or frankly obese, but why does it matter where the fat is? Well, it turns out that abdominal fat is not only a greater risk factor for heart disease, it is also a marker of inflammation. [...]

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A Botox Primer

Who wouldn't want to look twenty years younger? Enter Botox, the greatest thing since apple pie and you too can wash away the last few decades of sun, smoking and whatever else nasty you have done to your skin-right? Wrong! Botox, which uses a toxin available from a very common [...]

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Migraine Treatments

Migraines are no fun. Anyone who suffers from these headaches will tell you that at times the pain is simply unbearable. There are treatments designed to prevent the headaches from occurring and these should be considered when the headaches are frequent or severe. I'd like to focus however on the [...]

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Red Meat and Cancer

Like most of us, I enjoy munching on a nice, juicy cheeseburger. Over the years however, I have reduced my red meat consumption. Yes, I am in a constant battle to reduce my waist size as well and cutting down on the calorie heavy cheeseburgers helps. And of course the [...]

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Toxic Plants

Children and sometimes adults ingest or are exposed to plants. Kids eat plants because they look neat, with bright colored flowers or  because they smell good. Adults either misidentify the species of plant or are trying to get high. Sometimes ingestions cause only minor complaints such as nausea  and belly [...]

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Eyes and Diseases

Believe it or not, looking at your eyes can sometimes give you valuable information not only about your eyes, but also about your general health. Yes, as a poet once said, the eyes are the windows to the soul. Yet it is not only your soul that is revealed, but [...]

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Acute Urinary Retention

One thing most of us take for granted is being able to urinate without problems. Males, for whom the world is our toilet, have to be sure a much easier time than females of relieving ourselves at a moment's notice. Ironically, males also suffer much more frequently from acute urinary [...]

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What’s Wrong with Food Labels?

You thought that you were doing a great thing for your physical health by buying foods labeled "light". After all, light refers to reduced calories and fat, right? Wrong! In fact "light" can refer to many things besides calories including the food's color or texture. What about "reduced" say reduced [...]

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Meditation: A Fountain of Youth?

What do telomere lengths and meditation have to do with each other? And why should I care? Well, it turns out that telomere length determines how well the chromosomes fare. The longer the telomere, the fewer the mutations. Guess what? Fewer mutations mean less aging. So, long telomeres are a [...]

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Swimmers Ear

Who suffers from swimmers ear? It turns out not just swimmers. In fact, most of us who have had this infection probably did not have any contact with water whatsoever. The ear canal, which naturally has wax or cerumen within, can easily be infected. After all, it is narrow, greasy [...]

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