Ingrown Toenails: A Ruined Beach Vacation

Toenails to some are a vehicle for creativity. Money is spent for pedicures and of course various colors are applied to achieve that perfect look. As the saying goes,"man plans and God laughs" so goes it with toenails. Just when your planned that week long vacation to Hawaii, your diet [...]

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Hair Cells and Hearing: A Reason for Hope

Sometimes a drug which has failed to show improvement in one disease works for another. Such is the case with an experimental drug known as a gamma secretase inhibitor (where in God's name do these researchers find such names?). It didn't work for Alzheimers' patients, so for one reason I [...]

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Berries that are ‘Berry’ Good for You

Strawberries and blueberries don't just taste great, they also can significantly reduce a young women's chance of having a heart attack. A twenty year study (which let's face it folks must have taken up a career for some of these researchers) of 90,000 women ages 25 to 42 found that [...]

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What’s In A Name Part II

A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog about common names for diseases and physical findings. Well, here's some more thoughts about this fascinating topic. Sometimes your discoveries are just so awesome that you hit the jackpot so to speak: three different conditions named after you! The doctor was [...]

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A Brief Primer on Asthma

Nobody likes to spend half the night coughing, but for asthmatics this can happen very often. Not only do asthmatics cough they also wheeze. Wheezing is caused by turbulent or chaotic air flow from inflamed airways in the lungs. Add on to this narrowing of these airways from muscle spasm [...]

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Can Vitamins Prevent Cancer?

Vitamin studies have up until recently had mixed results. For example, a study of Vitamin A showed that it actually increased the risk of lung cancer in smokers who took fairly large quantities. Other studies of antioxidant vitamins have failed to show any benefit in terms of cancer prevention. Still, [...]

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Can we turn on and off our genes?

Evolution is a fact and most of the world accepts that genes are passed from one generation to another. The dogma has been that these genes are fixed, only to be changed as natural forces favor those individuals with certain genetic advantages who in turn pass these genes on to [...]

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Some Thoughts On Preventable Deaths

One would think that since we Americans spend more money per capita on health care than any other nation on the planet, that we would enjoy the best health. Well, in many categories we're not even in the top 10. Pregnancy related deaths put us somewhere above India but below [...]

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Flowers are indeed beautiful. Just think of all the flowers which have been the subject of many a poet's verses! And what about the dozen roses, a reasonably sure way of getting many a husband out of the doghouse-at least temporarily. Yet not only do some of these objects of [...]

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Human Growth Hormone: Overprescribed for Profit

Who among us would not like to look and feel twenty years younger? With the aging of the baby boomers a huge market has been created for purported anti aging treatments. This is not to say that basic behaviors such as exercise, diet and skin care don't make a big [...]

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