Flowers are indeed beautiful. Just think of all the flowers which have been the subject of many a poet's verses! And what about the dozen roses, a reasonably sure way of getting many a husband out of the doghouse-at least temporarily. Yet not only do some of these objects of [...]

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Human Growth Hormone: Overprescribed for Profit

Who among us would not like to look and feel twenty years younger? With the aging of the baby boomers a huge market has been created for purported anti aging treatments. This is not to say that basic behaviors such as exercise, diet and skin care don't make a big [...]

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Foods For Sleeping

How well do you really sleep? If you are like many Americans, not that great. Among those things which can help you sleep besides Ambien and other potentially REM robbing medications, are certain foods. Yes, that's right foods. You probably have had quite enough of all the fuss about cutting [...]

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Toothache Treatments

Who among us has never suffered from a toothache? And why does that tooth have to start hurting during your long awaited vacation, away from home and your own dentist? Well, to help you cope with this all to often event here are a few suggestions: First of all, you [...]

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A New Treatment for Mucositis?

Mucositis is a condition in which the inside of your mouth is swollen and feels as if you had just consumed en total that hot pepper. It often occurs in cancer sufferers, especially those who have head and neck cancers. Radiation and chemotherapy target the cancer cells, but with some [...]

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The Problem With Mammograms

Breast cancer is a leading cause of death for women. Mammograms can diagnose breast cancer at an early stage and in many cases save lives.  Why not just test every woman over, say 40, for breast cancer? Well, the problem is that any mammogram will not only have false positives [...]

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Can Aspirin prevent colon cancer?

Wouldn't it be great if a single, inexpensive drug could prolong the lives of those who suffer cancer or even better yet prevent cancer?  Well, such a drug already exists. Aspirin which cost pennies per pill has been recently shown to work against colon cancer. Certain patients with colon cancer [...]

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Whooping Cough Vaccine Recommended for Pregnancy

Whooping cough or pertussis is making a big comeback. This year alone there have been about 32,000 cases reported, with 16 deaths. At greatest risks are those at the beginning and end of life (newborns and elderly) and individuals with serious medical illnesses such as cancer. What is whooping cough? [...]

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What Not To Do During Pregnancy

I recently mentioned some activities which are good for pregnant females. Well, now comes six more, only this time six which should definitely be avoided during pregnancy. 1. At the top of the "bad" list is smoking. Not only is smoking almost guaranteed to shorten your life, it also has [...]

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Medical Research and Gun Control

Should doctors have a voice in the gun control debate? What does practicing medicine have to do with gun ownership? It turns out quite a bit. Any emergency room doctor who has worked in a busy inner city emergency department will tell you that gun violence-preventable or not-unfortunately is a [...]

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