Why Your Child Needs An Early Bedtime

Early bedtimes for young kids,according to a recent study, decreases the risk of obesity later in life. About 17% of American children are obese. And obesity in childhood greatly increases the chance of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer. In the study it was found that 4 year [...]

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How Much Should We Exercise?

Do you have to be an exercise fanatic to be healthy? Well a recent published peer reviewed study (which in other words means that its findings can be taken seriously) revealed that no you don't Exercising as little as two days a week reduced the risk of dying, getting cancer [...]

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Smokers and Kids: Not A Good Mix

Governments all over the world have enacted laws to try to limit the number of smokers. Not only smokers are at risk, but also those who live near smokers and thus are exposed to the harmful effects of passive smoking or smoke exposure. Children, who of course have no choice [...]

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Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism

There's been some recent noise about vaccines and autism. There is concern about the preservative Thiomeresal being unhealthy for newborns and leading to autism. While it true that the number of new autism cases have increased, so too have many other conditions affecting kids including asthma and ADHD. Did vaccines [...]

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Bronchiolitis: The Basics

It's about that time of year where viral infections become more common. It's not the cold that causes the infections; rather the cold causes people to stay inside more often. Inside we are closer together and thus more likely to transmit infection. One infection which is fairly common among younger [...]

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Males Are Not The Smarter Sex

If you are male and have had some alcohol you are more likely to punch a wall. Why? Well for one thing males have testosterone, which does enable males to propagate the species but at the cost of otherwise doing stupid things. In my career spanning many years I have [...]

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A Ray Of Hope For SIDS?

SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome is a horrible and devastating event. About 3500 babies die each year in the United States from SIDS. No one knows exactly what causes babies to stop breathing but there are several behaviors which have been shown to increase the risk of SIDS. Babies [...]

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What About Meniscal Knee Surgery For Middle Aged Patients?

We all get old and guess what? with a little luck we all get there. One of the joys of middle age and beyond is arthritis. The knee is one of those joints prone to injury, especially with advancing age. One common injury is a meniscal tear, which involves damage [...]

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Interesting Facts About Left Handers

Left handedness is relatively uncommon. About 10% of the population is left handed, which by the way includes me. Some are ambidextrous or able to use both hands. I am for sure not one. My right hand sits there useless and bored most of the time. Some positive things about [...]

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A New Device for Diabetes Treatment

Control of blood sugar 24-7 is the holy grail of diabetes treatment. Good control prevents immediate complications of high or low blood sugar and reduced long term problems of kidney, eye, heart and nerve damage. In other words better control means a longer healthier life. Insulin is one way to [...]

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