Interesting Facts About Left Handers

Left handedness is relatively uncommon. About 10% of the population is left handed, which by the way includes me. Some are ambidextrous or able to use both hands. I am for sure not one. My right hand sits there useless and bored most of the time. Some positive things about [...]

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A New Device for Diabetes Treatment

Control of blood sugar 24-7 is the holy grail of diabetes treatment. Good control prevents immediate complications of high or low blood sugar and reduced long term problems of kidney, eye, heart and nerve damage. In other words better control means a longer healthier life. Insulin is one way to [...]

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Startling Research: Drinking Alcohol May Lead To Sex

A recent Japanese study asked the difficult, previously unknown question of whether consumption of alcohol causes sexual disinhibition (ie lead to sex). Yes, I realize this is a very tough subject, one in which there is not much to go on. So these intrepid researchers recruited 258 Japanese college students [...]

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Medical Nonsense in the Movie Dr. Strange

Hollywood has a way of glamorizing medicine and the film "Dr. Strange" is no exception. In the movie, Dr. Strange, who is an accomplished neurosurgeon suffers a debilitating car accident. His hands after surgery are left with nerve injury and this makes him unable to practice medicine. At his physical [...]

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Basics Of Diarrhea

Diarrhea no pun intended is a messy subject. Most of the time it is a self limited infection, caused by bacteria, viruses or protozoa. At times however, the diarrhea may be heavy enough to lead to significant dehydration and dangerously low levels of such critical electrolytes such as potassium. To [...]

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A Burning Question: Does Diet Coke Work To Prevent Pregnancy?

Given last weeks fascinating study on dropped beer bottles, here is another one. This article published in 1987 actually earned its authors the IG award, given only to the best of the best quirky studies. What would be an effective spermicide, these intrepid authors wondered. Why not try Old Coke, [...]

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Beer Bottle Wars: Valuable Research

One of the burning questions of modern medicine has always been whether, in the case of a brawl, an empty or full beer bottle inflicts more damage and of course which is more likely to fracture the skull. And to answer this perplexing dilemma, a team (believe it or not [...]

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Chemical Conjunctivitis

Pink eye is an infection of the covering of the eyes (conjunctiva) caused mostly by viruses. However other things can make your eyes red. One of these conditions goes by the tongue twister chemical conjunctivitis. What happens here is that a chemical gets into the eyes and from there irritates [...]

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Don’t Take Supplements

The latest issue of Consumer Reports examines how safe and effective are supplements. And guess what? Supplements did not fair too well. Overall, the verdict was a no go: Not safe and not effective. The problem is that supplements are not regulated by the FDA. For some unknown reason, these [...]

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Fractures In Children

Although it is nice to think of kids as just little adults, that is just not true. In fact, doctors are taught the differences so that these differences can be taken into account, when treating kids. Fractures in adults require splinting and at times surgeries. The bones have stopped growing [...]

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