Osteoarthritis: A Primer

As we get older, so too our joints. Years of wear and tear can lead to a condition known as osteoarthritis. This can affect almost any joint including knees, hips, shoulders, neck and hands. The pain is classically better in the morning after a night of rest and worse in [...]

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Thoughts About Obamacare

Having health insurance is truly important for your financial well being and of course for your health. The number one cause of bankruptcy in this country is unpaid medical bills. Even more concerning, not having adequate health insurance is associated with increased risk of dying. This is because common diseases [...]

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Do All Patients Need Immediate ER Evaluation?

Not only is ER care incredibly expensive, getting to the ER via ambulance is also expensive. In fact, most patients transported to the ER via ambulance are seen and then sent home. And a majority of patients who come by ambulance could have either been seen by their primary care [...]

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Sensitive Teeth: What To Do

Just about everyone has at one time or another suffered from a sensitive tooth. Cold or hot fluids sends you through the roof and the darned toothache just came out of nowhere. Well, sort of. The most common cause of tooth sensitivity is periodontal disease caused by receding gums. What [...]

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France Just Banned Sodas At Schools

France has just banned free refills of soda and other sugary drinks. Just why is this newsworthy? Well, it turns out that about 1 in 6 Europeans are obese and the rate is rising. Here in America the rate is much higher at about 1 in 3 (and 70% of [...]

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Are Female Doctors Better?

As a male, I fully understand that I compared with females I am more challenged in areas of common sense, finding things (except for beer), understanding relationships and of course responding to criticism about my physical prowess. And yes I know that what I just wrote is a huge generalization. [...]

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What To Do After Cancer

You've completed your cancer treatment and are ready to get back to normal activities. Here are few suggestions to keep yourself healthy. First of all make sure that you keep regular appointment with your primary care provider and if advised your oncologist as well. This is because even though the [...]

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Is Marijuana Good Or Bad For You?

Marijuana is becoming legal in more and more states. Some advocates for marijuana claim that is without serious side effects which is not true. On the other hand those who are dead set against marijuana maintain that it has no medical use whatsoever which is also not true. Based on [...]

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Is Your Appendix Really Useless?

The appendix has been thought of as a useless remnant of evolution. Everyone's got one and now and then and accept causing appendicitis. A couple of curious and intelligent scientist completed the study which suggests otherwise. Looking at over 20 species of animals, they found that The appendix had been [...]

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When Should Your Child Stay Home From School?

When should your child go to school if he or she has an infection? The answer is not as easy as it seems. Infections such as colds are very contagious. Sure most kids do quite well with colds. However some children, especially those with asthma or more serious illnesses such [...]

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