Nail fungus is for sure unpleasant but at the same time unlikely to cause serious disease. Once the fungus gains a foothold on to the nail, then the nail over time becomes more and more deformed, with thickening, irregular shape and a chalky white discharge. The infection can spread to the skin of the foot or vice versa.

What can you do to reduce the chance of getting this chronic, gnarly infection? Change your socks at least once daily. Always wear thongs or water sandals when taking a shower at the gym or anywhere else where shower stalls are open to the public.

Treatment with over the counter antifungals may be effective but takes a long time. Antifungals can be applied as a cream or taken orally. Like all medications, there are side effects but for the most part these are minor.

What also is effective is Vaseline applied over the nails twice daily. Have you ever seen anything grow in a jar of Vaseline?
Well, there is a reason for that!

Finally, more expensive options include zapping the nail with radiation. Although ads for this promise a cure, it make take more than one treatment to achieve success. Removing the nail can be done but doesn’t guarantee that the infection won’t recur.

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