Nail Fungus: Gnarly But Treatable

Nail fungus is for sure unpleasant but at the same time unlikely to cause serious disease. Once the fungus gains a foothold on to the nail, then the nail over time becomes more and more deformed, with thickening, irregular shape and a chalky white discharge. The infection can spread to [...]

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Can Cellphone Radiation Cause Cancer?

Can cellphones cause cancer? Well, in 2016 based on a study with rodents the answer was a cautious possibly. A recent published review of this study argues that it is extremely unlikely to develop cancer as a result of cellphone use. This study examined the incidence of a nerve tumor [...]

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Narcotics Are Not Necessarily The Best Treatment For Pain

There is a huge opioid epidemic and over 30,000 Americans die each year from unintentional prescription drug overdoses. We doctors must do our part to curb this epidemic. An acute injury which is seen in the emergency room can be the start of a rocky road if prescription narcotics are [...]

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Epidural Injections

Like many males, I think that I am still in my twenties. I ski, climb and bike with that in my mind. However, the reality is simply quite different. After my latest day of hard skiing, I developed some back pain, which despite stretching and the Tylenol/ Motrin combination did [...]

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Weirdly Spelled Eye Lesions: Pterygium and Pinguecula

Pterygium are noncancerous growth which start in the white of your eye (sclera) and can invade into the cornea.UV light is the main cause of these growths. However, dry eyes and dust can lead to a pterygium as well. This usually occurs on only one side of the eye-the side [...]

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OMG: No More Fries?

Bad news for those of us who love fried potatoes. 4,400 adults ages 45 to 79 were followed for eight years. In this time 236 died. Looking back at all research participant's diets, it turned out that those who munched on any form of fried potatoes (read chips, hash browns [...]

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Eat At Home More Often

I confess that I am not the greatest chef. My skills are confined to four dishes: spaghetti, breaded chicken, baked salmon and pesto. Lucky for me I am married to a woman who is a fabulous chef. We do go out to dinner and enjoy good food, but we don't [...]

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Telomeres Are Your Friends

Exercise has many, many benefits. How about aging more slowly? While walking a few miles won't make you look twenty years younger, it could slow the aging process by up to nine years. That's right-nine years! A recent study of almost six thousand adults revealed that those who exercised the [...]

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Dog Bites

What should you do if you are bitten by a dog? Well, dog bites are actually less likely to become infected compared with cat or human bites. In fact, human bites have the highest infection rate of all. Everyone worries about contracting rabies from a dog bite. Other than dogs [...]

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Ski And Ride With Your Helmet

The other day I went skiing and on the slopes I noticed that while most skiers/snowboarders wore helmets, there were quite a few who did not. Helmets protect some valuable real estate-namely your brain. The likelihood of suffering a serious brain injury after a crash (and by serious I mean [...]

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