What should you do if you are bitten by a dog? Well, dog bites are actually less likely to become infected compared with cat or human bites. In fact, human bites have the highest infection rate of all.

Everyone worries about contracting rabies from a dog bite. Other than dogs near the border of Mexico, that have the highest rate of rabies, most dogs in America do not have rabies. Other creatures such as bats and skunks for example carry rabies much more frequently.

This doesn’t mean that, if bitten, you should assume that you won’t get rabies. It just is very rare. You should try to find out about the dog’s vaccination status. Also, if the dog attacked you unprovoked, with frothing at the mouth, you should be more concerned.

As far as infection is concerned, if the bite is on the hands or feet, is deep, irregular or you have diseases such as diabetes, poor circulation in your extremities, cancer or anything which lowers your immunity, you should receive antibiotics. Unless there is an allergy, Augmentin is usually prescribed.

You should check your tetanus status. If you haven’t been vaccinated in over 10 years, you will need a booster shot.

If there is any concern about an infection, then you absolutely should see your doctor or go to the Emergency Room.

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