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Can Humans Smell Parkinsons disease?

It is well known that dogs have a sense of smell than humans. For this reason dogs have been used in medicine to “smell” cancer, congestive heart failure and a host of other ailments. Check out my previous blog about this fascinating subject. Yet until now,to my knowledge no one has investigated whether humans are capable of smelling diseases. What happened is that a certain lady in Scotland claimed that she was able to smell her husband’s Parkinsons disease before… Read More »

What Can Cause Leg Swelling?

Many people suffer from conditions which can cause swelling of the legs. You will notice the leg swelling because your shoes won’t fit. Your pants might be tighter down lower than usual. Many conditions cause swelling of the legs. Some are serious others are not as serious If your heart is not pumping as well as it should, fluid can back up into your legs. It might be because of a leaky valve, poor muscle performance such as from a… Read More »

Change In Your Vision?

All too often we take simple things for granted. One example is our vision. It is truly amazing that we are able to open our eyes and an amazing world of sights awaits us. Sometimes the system doesn’t work so well and certain problems can result. If the back surface of the eye, the retina is torn, you might feel as if a curtain has come down over your sight. It might be more difficult to make out objects that… Read More »

Supplements: A Dangerous Waste of Money

Supplements are taken daily by millions of Americans. Do these supplements actually improve our health? The answer is no! A diet rich in vegetables, fruits and whole grains will provide just about everything you need to stay healthy. If you believe that taking a pill will magically get rid of that expanding waistline, help you remember where your keys are or make you look like a WWF wrestler, think again. Who runs these supplement companies? Well, believe it or not,… Read More »

Flu Season: Get Vaccinated

Winter is coming and with winter all those nasty viruses. Chief of among these bad boys are the influenza viruses. Influenza is no joke and kills ten of thousands in this country each year. Symptoms include generalized body aches, headache, weakness, runny nose, cough, shortness of breath and nausea vomiting. These viruses are relatively easily transmitted through contact and air droplets from coughing. Sure most of us might be floored for a few days but none the worse for wear.… Read More »

Our Own Bacterial Clouds

Fingerprints and DNA it turns out are not the only ways of identifying a person. Believe it or not each one of us has a unique bacterial cloud. What this means is that everything a person has contact with has an imprint of bacteria different from all other humans. So if we sit on a chair, open the freezer or touch a glass, leave behind many different species of bacteria. With modern technology the ratios and numbers of each species… Read More »

Mega Greed: A Case Study

Greed has been around mankind since the beginning of time. And medicine more specifically the pharmacy industry is certainly no exception. Just recently a young buck all of 32 years old, already a multimillionaire, but not satisfied with his paltry worth, purchased a pharmaceutical company called Turving Pharmaceuticals. Now this company is the only one which makes a drug called Daraprim. What does Daraprim do? It is the arguably the only effective drug against Toxoplasmosis , which is a life… Read More »

Hacked But Back In Business: Now An Argument For Gun Control

There have been no posts from me since September 7 or about one month. Why? Well, like just about everyone else I or rather this site was hacked. So some of the stuff which you might have been reading in the past month was not mine and God knows where it came from. Now that the problem is at least for the present fixed. I can start in again. The recent news from Roseburg about the mass shooting was horrific.… Read More »

Why Was The Plague So Deadly?

There are some nasty infections out there and one of them is the plaque. Nowadays very rare, the plaque killed off about half of 14th century Europe. Granted, in those days effective treatments for just about anything were far and few between. Still, it gives one pause as to why this infection appeared suddenly and was so deadly. Full blown plaque is truly deadly. It can infect the lungs and from there spread almost anywhere in the body. Pneumonia, kidney… Read More »

The Hazards of Competitive Eating

Competitive eating is one of those occupations which has a unique set of risks. Sure, who wouldn’t want to down some pizza, hot dogs or perhaps donuts? Yet after the first say five or so, the initial feelings of pleasure are quickly replaced by pain. And then of course there’s the “hangover” that bloating feeling which might last several days. Some of the risks are not so benign however. Competitive eaters will down as much as a gall0n of water… Read More »