Fever: Not a Great Way of Predicting Serious Infection

Fever is simply not a great way of deciding whether a child is really sick or not. Children's bodies can respond to even minor infections with a high fever because their immune systems sense an invader and mount a vigorous response. On the other hand, a child who has say [...]

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Why Swallowing Is Important

Just like we don't have to think about breathing, when we swallow almost all of the time it is automatic. However, swallowing is pretty complex and requires quite a few nerves, muscle and gut interaction to work right. If you think about it, food, water and sputum need to be [...]

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Aplastic Anemia

Blood just doesn't hang around forever. In fact, the bone marrow is hard at work replacing all forms of blood cells. These include red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Each type of cell has a different life span, but all need constant replacement. What happens when the bone [...]

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A New Way of Grading Concussions

Not all concussions are created equal. Some occur with loss of consciousness; others without. Some lead to minor side effects and others to long term issues. In fact the NFL is now grappling with a condition called traumatic encephalopathy which occurs after repeated concussions or head trauma. This affects the [...]

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Broken Heart Syndrome

Takosubo cardiomyopathy not only is a very exotic, difficult to spell syndrome, it is also quite unique. The best way to describe this condition is as a "broken heart" problem. This occurs more often in women than men and unlike true heart attacks seems to happen more during the day [...]

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Lung Bruises: Delay In Symptoms

Just about everyone at some time or another has bumped an arm or leg which is then followed by swelling, discoloration and pain over the injured site. This is a bruise, which in med speak is called a contusion. What if a similar injury (ie bruise or contusion) were to [...]

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What Are Lymph Nodes?

You have a sore throat and then feel some bumps on your neck. Being neurotic (and believe me I know about neuroses), you immediately assume that you have developed some awful, terminal cancer. You rush to your doctor who, after your rapid fire description about your potential last days on [...]

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No Antibiotics For Most Ear Infections

Believe it or not very few middle ear infections actually need antibiotics. You might say-hey it's an infection, isn't it? So antibiotics treat infections, right? Yes, antibiotics do treat infections but only bacterial infections. You could give antibiotics to a patient with a middle ear infections and that patient will [...]

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A New Weapon In The Fight Against A Nasty Bug

MRSA is a infection, unfortunately more and more common, which is resistant to most antibiotics. It is caused by a particular strain of the staphylocccocal bacteria. In years past, this bug could be treated with most antibiotics Fast forward to today, where there are very few antibiotics left which can [...]

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How To Reduce Your Risk Of Pneumococcal Pneumonia

Pneumococcal bacteria can cause a nasty pneumonia, among other conditions. This pneumonia is especially dangerous in older individuals. There are vaccines available which can greatly reduce the chances of getting sick from pneumococcus. This vaccine called Pneumovax, is indicated for all adults older than 65 and those with certain conditions [...]

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