Reasonable Gun Control

America is in love with guns. However mass shootings like the recent tragedy in Las Vegas continue to occur. The issue is politically charged and with the NRA opposed to any sensible gun reform, such shootings unfortunately will continue to occur. About 30,000 people die in America each year from [...]

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Strokes: More Common In Younger People

When you think of strokes, you think of older individuals not someone, say in their 30s or 40s. Yet younger people are having more strokes. Why? The rates of obesity, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and diabetes are unfortunately becoming more common among patients 20 to 65. Obesity is itself [...]

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Necrotizing Fasciitis: What In God’s Name Is This?

A few weeks ago, I treated a patient in the ER with severe cellluitis. I decided to republish the article below to remind you of the seriousness of this condition. Necrotizing fasciitis is not only difficult to spell and pronounce, it is also a life threatening condition. It might as [...]

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Expensive Drug Prices

Prescription medication isn't always cheap. Sure, for those of us fortunate enough to have insurance, at least some of the costs are covered. Still, out of pocket money can amount to hundreds of dollars monthly or even more. Some but not drug companies will offer special discounts for qualified patients, [...]

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Cauda Equina Syndrome: Confusing Name, Awful Consequences

Most of us at some time in our lives will suffer from back pain. In the majority of cases the pain after laying off the weights, holding off on the 10k runs and yes losing some weight will subside. There is however a rare condition which, if left untreated, can [...]

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Concussion Care Part 2

Concussions from head injuries are unfortunately all too common. Having too many (and no one really knows what that magic number is) can lead to permanent brain damage with seizure and personality changes. After a head injury which knocks you out or causes a severe headache, nausea vomiting or confusion, [...]

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Short Term Steroids Have Risks

Steroids are taken for many reasons and have some serious side effects. However, up until recently short term steroids were felt to be pretty safe. Short term steroids that is for under a week, are used for respiratory infections, skin allergic reactions and asthma among many other things. These steroids [...]

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Smell Your Food And Gain Weight?

Who doesn't love to smell food before you eat it? Just imagine a grilling a steak on the barbecue and that delicious barbecue flavor! Well, according to a recent article, smelling food, at least for mice, leads to more weight gain. In this study mice were fed a fatty diet. [...]

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Avoid Outdoor Activity On Smoky Days

Wild fires are more common than ever, especially with global warming (and yes global warming is a fact and not fake news!). The fires make the air smoky, which can irritate your airways. The result for most people is a cough, sore throat, itchy eyes and headache However, for those [...]

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When Urine Infections Are Serious

Can a urine infection really make you weak? After all, it is just some bacteria in your bladder which can easily be treated, right? The answer is that most of the time a UTI or urinary tract infection is easily treated and other than some burning, frequency of urination with [...]

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