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Hacked But Back In Business: Now An Argument For Gun Control

There have been no posts from me since September 7 or about one month. Why? Well, like just about everyone else I or rather this site was hacked. So some of the stuff which you might have been reading in the past month was not mine and God knows where it came from. Now that the problem is at least for the present fixed. I can start in again. The recent news from Roseburg about the mass shooting was horrific.… Read More »

Why Was The Plague So Deadly?

There are some nasty infections out there and one of them is the plaque. Nowadays very rare, the plaque killed off about half of 14th century Europe. Granted, in those days effective treatments for just about anything were far and few between. Still, it gives one pause as to why this infection appeared suddenly and was so deadly. Full blown plaque is truly deadly. It can infect the lungs and from there spread almost anywhere in the body. Pneumonia, kidney… Read More »

The Hazards of Competitive Eating

Competitive eating is one of those occupations which has a unique set of risks. Sure, who wouldn’t want to down some pizza, hot dogs or perhaps donuts? Yet after the first say five or so, the initial feelings of pleasure are quickly replaced by pain. And then of course there’s the “hangover” that bloating feeling which might last several days. Some of the risks are not so benign however. Competitive eaters will down as much as a gall0n of water… Read More »

Euthanasia Debate

Euthanasia is a tricky practice, which elicits strong emotions on both sides of the debate. Some have religious objections, feeling that God rather than man should have the power to end life. Others feel that it represents a slippery slope, given infamous examples such as the horrific Nazi doctrines of executing developmentally delayed individuals, because their lives were felt not to be worth living. On the other side of the aisle, are people who feel that for example terminal cancer… Read More »

Blue Eyed Alcoholics?

Blue eyes may be attractive, but this color is linked to an increased risk for alcoholism. Before you ask, how in God’s name are the two linked, let’s talk about the association. Two studies, one recently and another published in 2000, revealed that those individuals with lighter colored eyes, defined as blue, hazel or light brown, appear to drink more and have a greater risk to become alcoholics than their darker eye colored compatriots.Of the three colors, blue has the… Read More »

Quit Smoking Now

Just how long on the average does it take for former smokers to have similar risks of dying as nonsmokers? Well, for most smokers after 15 years of nonsmoking their risks of dying or having a heart attack, stroke or certain kinds of cancer approach those of nonsmokers. However for heavy smokers that is those who have smoked a pack a day for 32 years or more, their risks are still elevated compared with nonsmokers. This doesn’t mean that if… Read More »

Heart Attacks Without Chest Pain

All heart attacks present with chest pain, right? No, this is another one of those myths which circulate and can cause major problems. Some patients will think-heck I don’t have any chest pain so no worries. And sometimes, if they don’t, a heart attack can be missed. About 25% of heart attack victims will die on the scene, so this is no small thing, if the heart attack is not treated. Women, who endowed with the X chromosome and in most… Read More »

What About Urgent Care?

If you sprain your ankle do you really need to be seen in the emergency room? Not only will you pay  with high out of pocket costs, you also will very likely have to wait for hours to be seen and treated. Urgent care centers, which are almost everywhere, are  very capable of managing minor complaints such as minor injuries and colds. If insured, expect to pay a lower deductible or maybe even nothing if you go to an urgent… Read More »

Dirty Business by US Chamber of Commerce

According to a recent NY Times article, the US chamber of commerce is actively involved in fending off foreign laws which might hurt tobacco companies.It seems that our business organization is especially busy in third world countries, where smoking generates quite a bit of money for tobacco companies. Sure most of the population there is malnourished, lacks basic needs such as clean water and medical care. What the heck? In the name of profit why not add smoking to the… Read More »

Why Kids Should Be Vaccinated

Vaccinations prevent diseases. Vaccinations are very safe. In fact, your child is much more likely to die driving to school than from a vaccine. Yes, I know about the studies which claim an association between childhood vaccination and autism. These studies have been discredited by every reputable medical organization. Vaccines have saved countless lives. Why then do some parents refuse vaccinations? These are reasonable and concerned individuals, who feel that vaccines increase risks for autism and other unknown diseases. It… Read More »