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Dr. Rick Tietz on allopathic medicine

Causes and Treatment of the Cursed Runny Nose

The cursed drippy nose occurs unfortunately not only with colds, but also as a result of a host of other problems. The unlucky sufferer constantly wipes and wipes, but all too often misses a bit here and there. Wet spots on that newly pressed dress shirt certainly won’t impress your date. One common cause is vasomotor rhinitis, which is a fancy name for a miserable condition. Exercise and either hot or cold weather will basically cause the nose to go… Read More »

The Differences Between Young and Old Bones

Children are not just simply smaller adults. Their major organs such as heart, lungs, liver and kidneys are developing and so the function of these organs differs from adult organs. Kids’ bones are also growing. What this means is that they are not as brittle as our bones. If a child falls out of tree, he or she might not have any major broken bones. Why? The bones are softer and the energy of impact might cause the bones to… Read More »

Avoid Raw Milk

About 97% of all milk sold in the USA is pasteurized. Why? Pasteurization heats the milk over 161′F for over 15 seconds and then rapidly cools the milk. This kills some nasty bugs including E coli and Salmonella. These bugs can and have caused serious illnesses and death. Raw milk cannot by law be transported across state lines, but many states still permit raw milk to be sold. Some claim that studies have shown that drinking raw milk reduces the… Read More »

An Epidemic of Designer Drugs

Humans for some reason like to get high. It would be great if we could expand our minds without any hangovers, car accidents, unwanted Internet posts of what stupid things we did or an early death. Up until recently, there was a fairly stable number of products which could give us our high. Included among these alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine, mushrooms, LSD any many other substances. Every few years a new one would pop up and like lemmings intent on proving… Read More »

Computer Order Entry: A Game Changer?

When I first started my medical career, computers existed only in some research centers. Fast forward several years ( I’d rather not say how many years) and computers like it or not play a huge roll inĀ  medicine. Research into genomes for example, might have taken decades but with supercomputers millions of gene sequences can be determined in a reasonable amount of time. Searching the Internet for relevant research takes minutes rather than days or weeks waiting for articles to… Read More »

Antibacterial Soaps: All Hype?

Antibacterial soaps sound great-wow! get rid of all those nasty bacteria and have clean counters and hands! The marketing guys of these products found a great way to push products which really aren’t needed and even worse might have some unwanted side effects. All soaps are antibacterial, but these special cleansers contain the antibiotics triclosan (liquid soaps) or triclocarban (bar soaps). Guess what? There is not a single study out there which shows that such antibacterial products are any better… Read More »

Bipolar Disease

Almost everyone has had some mood swings. Some days the sun is shining, the air is fresh and we feel alive. Other times we might experience the blues- cloudy skies and not liking where we’re at or what we’re doing. For some however the mood swings are much more intense. Those with bipolar disorder can feel so much joy that they have trouble controlling themselves. Their speech becomes pressured; their thoughts are disorganized and random and they can even become… Read More »

How to Reduce the Risk of Elder Falls

As you become older, one of the many joys is that you are more likely to fall. Why? Your sense of balance is just not the same it was when you were on the high school swim team and of course neither is your muscle mass. You can’t react as quickly to say tripping over a rock. You could pick out a small wedding ring on that gorgeous young female a hundred yards away and now you’d be lucky to… Read More »

The Internet As a Patient Chatroom: Some Observations

Sometimes chatting can actually be a good thing. Yes, I know many (including my two teenagers) spend what seems like an eternity tweeting, texting and chatting about absolutely nothing. You wonder, whether down the road intelligent conversation will be a thing of the past. Yet chatting doesn’t always have to be mindless. Younger patients who suffer from some serious chronic diseases have turned to the Internet not just for information from some respected medical site, but also to share their… Read More »

Yet Another Reason To Get Enough Sleep

It turns out that when mice sleep, their brains go into a dishwasher mode: Their brain cells shrink and the flow of the fluid within the brain (cerebral spinal fluid) increases dramatically. How do we know this and more importantly why should we give a ho0t about fluid in mice brains? Well, for one thing mice are mammals and similar to humans in many respects. Thus, they are often used as starting points for further human research. In this case,… Read More »