I confess that I am not the greatest chef. My skills are confined to four dishes: spaghetti, breaded chicken, baked salmon and pesto. Lucky for me I am married to a woman who is a fabulous chef.

We do go out to dinner and enjoy good food, but we don’t go out that often.

By not going out that much we save money- based on a recent study about $100 per month is saved on the average if you don’t eat out too often.

More importantly, those who primarily cook at home at least six meals at week, consume fewer calories and less salt than those who don’t cook so much at home.

That doesn’t mean that if you are one of those who cooks a lot at home, that you should let down your guard and make say macaroni and cheese with Doritos on the side every night. In that case you’d be better off with a McDonald’s chicken sandwich.

No just try to buy lots of fruit and vegetables, stay away as much as possible from processed foods including meats and stop when you are just beginning to feel full.

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