Bad news for those of us who love fried potatoes.

4,400 adults ages 45 to 79 were followed for eight years. In this time 236 died. Looking back at all research participant’s diets, it turned out that those who munched on any form of fried potatoes (read chips, hash browns tater tots and fries) two to three times weekly were 11% more likely to die compared with those who indulged in these foods only once monthly or less.

And the news is even worse for those of us who truly go town: More than three times weekly and the risk of dying was 15% greater than those who held themselves back to once monthly or less.

Can one survive on only once monthly fried potato products? Difficult to be sure, but without a doubt the alternative that is dying is worse.

I have believe it or not managed to kick the fries habit. At my worst I was chowing down on extra large fries 3 times a week. I was in medical school at the time and the fries helped me stay up. After a rotation in cardiology where I saw scores of patients with heart attacks, I decided to back off. i started eating nuts, which I still do. Once in a blue moon I’ll eat some fries, but to be honest nuts now taste better to me.

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