Can cellphones cause cancer? Well, in 2016 based on a study with rodents the answer was a cautious possibly. A recent published review of this study argues that it is extremely unlikely to develop cancer as a result of cellphone use.

This study examined the incidence of a nerve tumor of the heart called Schwannoma in rats aged 2 years. 2 years for a rat is about 70 years old for humans or so we are told. These rats were exposed to extremely high levels of cell phone radiation for 9 hours daily for 2 years.

Yes there was an increase in the number of Schwannomas in male rats exposed to daily cell phone radiation (6%) compared to those who were not (0%).

However based on analysis of the data (which means that a trained scientist looked for cause and effect) it seems very unlikely that these cancers were in fact related to cell phone radiation and could have been caused by chance alone.In other words, cause and effect is not proven and we can at least theoretically rest easier.

Still, it seems reasonable, at least during sleeping hours, to have the phone charging some distance away. For one thing, maybe the investigators are wrong. For another, there might be other side effects such as say dementia caused by constant,low dose radiation. And finally, weaning ourselves from our 24-7 friends isn’t such a bad idea after all.

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