Pterygium are noncancerous growth which start in the white of your eye (sclera) and can invade into the cornea.UV light is the main cause of these growths. However, dry eyes and dust can lead to a pterygium as well. This usually occurs on only one side of the eye-the side nearest the nose, but can occur on either side.

If the growth does not extend too much into the cornea, it can be managed by judicious use of UV protection with sunglasses and eye lubricants. If the growth starts moving too much into the cornea, it will probable need to be removed by an eye doctor or ophthalmologist.

Another type of growth looks very similar but does not invade the cornea.This one is called pinguecula. UV protection and lubricants will help prevent further growth. Pinguecula does not require surgery, as it does not invade the cornea.

By the way, just in case you have a burning desire to know what the plural of these lesions are, here we go. Pterygia and Pingueculae are the plurals.

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