Believe it or not, looking at your eyes can sometimes give you valuable information not only about your eyes, but also about your general health. Yes, as a poet once said, the eyes are the windows to the soul. Yet it is not only your soul that is revealed, but as you will discover below some other info as well.

Jaundice or yellow color to the skin is easily seen on the whites of the eyes, which become yellow. Jaundice is often caused by liver problems such as infectious hepatitis or cirrhosis but can be found in conditions like hemolytic anemias and with certain tumors.

If your eyelid happens to droop, don’t be too worried. It is usually a benign condition. However, if this drooping, called ptosis, is associated with a headache, blurry vision, confusion or facial weakness other more serious causes should be investigated. These include Bells palsy, tumors of the head and face and nerve inflammations.

Your pupil or the black spot in the center of your eye should be perfectly round and about the same size as the other eye’s pupil. If you have glaucoma and are putting eye drops in just one eye, your pupils might be different sized. If you have had previous eye surgery the shape and size of your pupil on the affected side can be different as well. However, if your pupils are not round, are different sized (ie one larger than the other) and you have blurry/double vision and or headache something more concerning such as a tumor, infection, or inflammation could be afoot.

High cholesterol can at times lead to small yellow spots on the eyes. If you don’t know your cholesterol level and happen to notice similar lesions on your eyes, have your doctor check your lipid levels.

Blurry vision, caused by high blood sugar, may be the first sign of diabetes. If you have problems seeing, are urinating frequently and are eating quite a bit, then have your blood sugar investigated.

Eyelashes that are thin, especially along with generalized fatigue, weight gain and cold intolerance may arise from a low thyroid level or hypothryoidism.

As you can see, (no pun intended) the eyes have it!